Encouraged by Our Customers and also to enable various Industries to further cut their energy cost; (to improve their profitability), we provide following services to you.

(a) Detailed Energy Audit - for Energy Saving.
(b) Follow up / trouble shooting / Monitoring services.
(c) Detailed Project Report and arrangement of finance for Capital Intensive Projects for Energy Saving.
(d) Implementation of Energy Saving Projects - based upon % of saving achieved.
(e) Training Programme for Staff and Operators.
(f) Reduction in Maintenance Cost.


We undertake Pre-Audit-Visit to your plant, to understand your exact requirement. The objective of this visit would be as following:

  • To explain our METHODOLOHY for ENERGY SAVING.
  • To understand your exact requirement.
  • To have a glimpse of your Plant & also to collect necessary operating-data regarding PREVAILING energy consumption Pattern.
  • Expected contribution by our efforts.
  • All technical as well as commercial details to carryout the assignment.

On hearing from you; one of our Consultant, will visit your plant, for the detail discussion as specified above.

We do not charge any technical fees for such visits except for actual Travelling expenses for one Consultant & lodging and boarding during Pre-Audit-Visit.

We feel you would definitely like to cut your energy cost. Please entrust this challenge to us. We shall be pleased to visit your plant to understand your exact requirement.

Area Covered

1. Analysis of electricity and fuel consumption and self-generation.
2. Critical study of operation of the following equipment.

?? Electric Motors

?? Pumps, Blowers & Fans

?? Air Compressors

?? Refrigeration & central A.C. Plants

?? Cooling Towers

?? Boilers

?? Steam Distribution System

?? Electrical Power System

?? Thermic Fluid Heaters

?? Lighting

?? Electrical & Oil fired furnaces.

3. Electrical measurements namely- voltage, current, frequency, power factor, harmonics and power input of all important load.

4. Measurement of Mechanical parameters of pumps, fans and blowers to the extent practically possible.
5. Air Compressor capacity tests and air leakage tests, Sp. Energy Consumption Analysis.

6. Measurement of chiller/air-conditioning operation parameters, water/brine/air flow estimation, compressor power, sp. power consumption in kW per TR.

7. Measurement of illumination and lighting power.
8. Study of variation and improvement in Maximum Demands, Power factor & Load Factor.
9. Measurement of Boiler/Thermic fluid Heater???s Combustion Efficiency, Excess AIR control etc.
10. Technical upgradation to SAVE ENERGY
11. Electricity Distribution losses.
12. All Types of Spinning Machines.


We are having the following instruments:




Electrical Load Master for measuring

current, voltage, KW, P.F., KWH, Frequency, KVA, Harmonics etc..


Lux Meter


Combustion meter for measuring excess

O2, CO, Pressure, CO 2, efficiency etc.


Thermometer for measuring

temperature 600 -20000C


---do--- for measuring temperature ???20

to 4000C


Pocket Instrument for measuring

T.D.S., PH etc. of boiler water.


Misc. like multi meter, P.F.

measurement, Insulation Meggar, Oil testing set,ohmometer etc. etc.


KW Meter


Portable Transient Flow Meter


P F Meter






R H Meter - Digital